Accounting Advice With a Personal Touch

Working as a Sole Trader is the simplest trading format and is ideal for a start-up business when your expected annual income after allowable expenses is less then £35,000. Being a Sole Trader has the advantage of the lowest accountancy costs of any trading format, but you need to be aware that any debts you incur as a business are your personal responsibility, even if your business venture is unsuccessful.

The way you declare and pay any tax due also differs from other types of business, and its important that you keep on top of your accounts and any money due to HMRC.

Working with, and supporting, sole traders in Worthing and across Sussex is a key part of my own business and I consider it important for supporting the local economy. With all the other challenges that you face working on your own, it’s reassuring to have the confidence that your finances are under control,

The Right Solution for Your Worthing Business

If you are about to start work as a Sole Trader in Worthing or Sussex, or are already trading and would like to know if it is the best way for you to work, simply get in touch and I will be happy to talk though your circumstances, for free, to set you on the right track. I’ll advise you about the pros and cons of all the trading formats to allow you to decide how to run your business in the most cost-effective way.

Our Costs


Income & Expenditure Accounts with a supporting SA100 Tax Return from: £295.00
Additional SA100 Tax Return pages: £50.00