Partnering with the Right Accountant

Working as a Partnership is the simplest trading format for two or more people working together in the same business. It is ideal for a smaller or start-up business when your expected annual income after allowable expenses is less then £35,000 per partner. Being in a partnership means that you have the advantage of less compliance obligations than trading as a limited company, but any trading debts incurred as a business are still the personal responsibility of the partners even if the business proves not to be a success.

Working Together for Your Success

If you are thinking about working as a partnership in Worthing or Sussex, or have already started trading and would like to know whether a partnership is the right way to work for your particular business, simply get in touch for a free consultation discuss your thoughts and goals. I’ll advise you about the pros and cons of being in a partnership as opposed to any other trading format. You can then make an informed choice about how to run your business in the most cost-effective way for your own particular needs.

Our Costs


Partnership Accounts with a supporting SA800 Tax Return from: £595.00
Supporting SA100 Tax Return per partner from: £75.00
Additional SA100 Tax Return pages per partner: £50.00