Accounting Support for All Company Sizes

Trading as a limited company involves following a much more regulated and structured set of accounting rules, which in turn requires more time and work to ensure compliance. Because of this, it is usually more appropriate for a business where your expected annual income after allowable expenses is more than £35,000 per business owner. That said, there can be other factors that still make it an attractive option for smaller businesses in Worthing and Sussex.  Trading in this format means that you have the advantage of having personal protection for your personal assets other than your capital investment, even if your business adventure is unsuccessful. Beware, there are also the added personal legal responsibilities of being a Director.

Local Accountancy for Local Business

If you would like to find out more about trading as a Limited Company, or if you are already registered and are looking for a more personal and involved local accountant based in Worthing, please just get in touch.  I am happy to offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and see just how I can help your business meet all your accounting obligations, including mandatory submissions and annual accounts, and allow you to focus on what you do best – building your business.

Our Costs

Statutory Accounts with a supporting CT600 Tax Return from: £695.00
Director monthly payroll service: £150.00
Supporting SA100 Tax Return per partner from: £75.00
Additional SA100 Tax Return pages per partner: £50.00


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